Children’s Services

This is an exciting time to join Children’s Services in Bury and a real opportunity to drive the transformation of our services and improve the lives of our young people and their families.  We are on a journey of improvement and making positive progress, with innovation at the heart of what we do.  We are the first authority in Greater Manchester to implement the ‘Family Safeguarding’ model of practice and are forging ahead with the Mockingbird approach to foster care. We are investing heavily in our social work teams, with full financial, corporate and political support, enabling us to enhance our holistic offer to children, young people and families.

Bury is an innovative place with mature and developed partnerships that are committed to delivering integrated public services which enable social workers to meet the needs of our children and families. To learn more about our service, please watch the video below:

Council Motion

One of the most crucial roles which we as Elected Members and as a Council as a whole have is that of corporate parents. 

This is a role with significant responsibility and through our decision making and actions the children and young people who are in our care, should always be at the forefront of our minds. 

During the meeting of the Corporate Parenting Board, the Children In Care Council (CICC) often report that we as a council could do more to take a proactive approach for our looked after children. 

The Council acknowledges that: We take a more active role in the lives of our looked after children, providing them as much support as possible in fulfilling our duty as Corporate Parents. 

As part of a more active role we must continue with participating in the lives of all the children and young people who come into our care providing help and support throughout their lives.

The Council resolves to:
  • Encourage all stakeholders and partners involved in decision making in relation to looked after children to meet regularly to discuss good practice and improve joined up working to improve timely and better outcomes for all. The outcome of this to be reported to the Corporate Parenting Board and Children’s and Young Peoples Scrutiny Committee.
  • Regularly provide updates to the CICC as to decisions made by this Council and the impacts it will have on their day to day lives. Instruct all Members to attend Corporate Parenting training on an annual basis to ensure a clear understanding of their role as Corporate Parents.
  • Ensure all Council employees understand their role in supporting Corporate Parenting initiatives such understanding to be included in annual staff appraisals.
  • Work with all stakeholders to provide opportunities for our looked after children. Instruct the Chief Executive to contact Bury Football Club, as a community asset, to ascertain if tickets can be provided to our looked after children and their carers, to ensure family activities are made available.
  • To maintain contact with Children and Young People who have been in our care throughout their lives by sending Birthday, Christmas cards and acknowledging other issues of significance in their lives.
  • Ensure Corporate Parenting champions are on all council committees in order for all decision made by Bury Council to be consulted on with our looked after children and young people.
  • On being put with all Members present including the Mayor voting in favour, the Mayor declared the motion carried.